How would you benefit from using our mobile phone ANPR system rather than traditional ANPR systems?

When it comes to ANPR solutions, traditional stationary systems have long been the go-to choice. However, the application of ANPR for mobile phones brings a new dimension to the table. Let’s make a comparison of these two approaches and see why mobile ANPR might be a better fit for certain situations.

Cost Traditional stationary ANPR systems require significant investment in infrastructure, including fixed cameras, mounting hardware, and power supply installations. On the other hand, mobile ANPR leverages the existing camera technology on smartphones, eliminating the need for costly setups. This makes ANPR for mobile phones a cost-effective option, particularly for businesses or organisations with budget constraints.

Deployment Speed Setting up traditional ANPR systems can be time-consuming, involving complex installation and calibration processes. On the other hand, ANPR for mobile phones can be quickly deployed by integrating a software module into existing mobile applications. This quickness in deployment ensures fast implementation and allows for immediate utilisation of the technology.

Ease of Use Mobile ANPR offers ease of use for users on the ground. With just a few taps on their smartphones, they can capture licence plate data and obtain instant results. On the contrary, traditional ANPR systems may require specialised training for operators to handle equipment and interpret data effectively.

Scalability As businesses grow or requirements change, scalability becomes a critical consideration. Traditional ANPR systems may face limitations in scaling up, as expanding infrastructure can be complex and costly. Mobile ANPR, on the other hand, effortlessly accommodates scalability, as it relies on the ubiquitous presence of mobile phones.

Flexibility Mobile ANPR presents a level of flexibility that traditional systems struggle to match. Its mobility allows it to be used in various environments and applications, from Enforcement on the move to entering areas where vehicles without permits are unable to enter and require on foot ANPR capability. This adaptability makes mobile ANPR a versatile tool for a wide range of scenarios.

Real-time Connectivity Traditional ANPR systems may require additional infrastructure for real-time data access and processing. Mobile ANPR, with its internet connectivity, seamlessly connects to cloud-based services, enabling real-time access and swift analysis of licence plate data. Once the database is loaded onto our mobile ANPR system, there is also no requirement to have an internet signal to still get real time alerts.

While traditional stationary ANPR systems have their place, mobile ANPR emerges as a compelling alternative. Its cost-effectiveness, deployment speed, ease of use, scalability, flexibility, and real-time connectivity make it an excellent choice for situations where agility, accessibility, and cost-efficiency are crucial. As technology continues to evolve, mobile ANPR is poised to become an indispensable tool in modern licence plate recognition applications.



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