MCR ONE ANPR Data Management Portal


Seamlessly Upload, Search, Analyse, Manage, and Visualise Captured Data Across Your ANPR Devices

Introducing our revolutionary portal, designed to streamline your vehicle management process effortlessly. With our innovative platform, you can seamlessly upload your vehicle hotlists to every MCR ONE ANPR device deployed in the field.

Upon uploading, your hotlists are methodically segmented and securely stored within our advanced storage database. Rest assured, the original uploaded files remain inaccessible, safeguarding your sensitive information from unauthorized access.

Our stringent security measures ensure that once the hotlists are distributed to users, stringent access controls prevent direct viewing, editing, copying, or any form of modification to the hotlist data, ensuring utmost data integrity and confidentiality.

Experience unparalleled security and efficiency in managing your vehicle hotlists with our cutting-edge portal. Revolutionise your data management practices and stay one step ahead in safeguarding your valuable information.


Live data to your browser

Easily see data coming in from all your devices live on the dashboard

View all Scanned data, which can be conveniently filtered to meet your specific requirements. Each scan entry includes vehicle registration numbers (VRMs), the name of the device/agent that captured the data, dates and times of capture, geographical locations, and images of the VRM/vehicle.


In less than a minute, you could be scanning cars with your phone